Jackson <s>5</s> 4 Show Up To Ring In The New Year

noah | January 8, 2008 2:25 am
Thanks to soulbounce for reminding us of Jermaine Dupri’s assertion that the Jackson 5 would show up at his Atlanta club Studio 72 on New Year’s Eve. The footage of what happened is above, and you will probably not be surprised to know that while Michael couldn’t clear his calendar, Jermaine was there. And yet the DJ–who, as it turns out, was Dupri himself–still dropped “Billie Jean” into the set heralding the other Jacksons’ meeting and greeting the crowd! What, he couldn’t have spun a sped-up version of “Do What You Do” to give one of the Jacksons who actually showed up a reason to smile?

“Live” Blog This YouTube: The Jackson Five NYE Bash [soulbounce.com]