Hatebreed Fans: Time To Get A Coffee Table (Or Possibly Learn To Read)

dangibs | January 10, 2008 2:00 am

Sometimes when rock crossed over into the literary realm, the results are amazing crossed with awesome. On the other hand, there’s a coffee-table book coming from Hatebreed lead singer Jamey Jasta. And that isn’t the only book he’s putting out this year!

“The first is a coffee table-type book,” Jasta said. “It has all my HATEBREED lyrics in them alongside stories of how and where I wrote them and general tales from the road.”

The second is a document of Jamey’s three and a half years hosting MTV2’s “Headbanger’s Ball”. “That book is more of a retrospective of all the bands and interviews we conducted, more of a look back,” he explained. “I was so glad I got to do that show; somehow, with no TV experience, they picked me for the job over 300 other people who applied for it. Because of that, I met some of my heroes and got the chance to help out so many of my friends with exposure on the show. The book is all about that and the behind-the-scenes nightmare of trying to schedule everything with a full-time touring musician. There were a lot of flights.”

I picture the “tales from the road” portion as being a cross between Kon-Tiki and Slipknot’s tour rider, which is making the idea seem a bit more appealing, but it’s difficult to imagine who would release not one, but two books by a band currently without a label, although you never know. In other news, Riki Rachtman is trying to find a publisher for some of his more salacious MySpace blog postings compiled alongside the most interesting graffiti found on the bathroom walls at the Cathouse. Look for that in stores early next year.

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