Pavement’s Comics-Section Splash Inspires Even More Laughter

noah | January 10, 2008 4:20 am

mauraatidolator: ! jessdolator: is that supposed to be me? MY INDIE ROCK T-SHIRT IS CLEAN, THANKS. mauraatidolator: haha no mauraatidolator: it’s just not every day that you see pavement on the funny pages jessdolator: “look, i WASH my decade-old t-shirts.” mauraatidolator: suuuure mauraatidolator: getting a little defensive there aren’t we harvell mauraatidolator: hmm hmm jessdolator: i didnt say how often, did i? mauraatidolator: i guess ‘decade-old’ does give you some wiggle room

Not Since Chain Gang Were Mentioned In “Nancy” Has One Of Our Bands Made Such A Funny Pages Splash [Matablog]