Simon Cowell Will Get Your Ass Elected To Higher Office

jharv | January 15, 2008 11:15 am

Drafted for a side gig as a freelance campaign advisor, the evil one lays out his vision for politicking the Simon Cowell way: act like an asshole; disdain “political correctness” (which seems to be Cowell-speak for “don’t worry about acting like an asshole”); have a steady stream of veiled, bitchy references about the drug habits and body image concerns of your co-judges opponents at the ready; learn effective ways for reducing 17-year-old girls to tears on national TV (because Huckabee’s totally a weeper when backed into a corner, you just know it); act like an asshole; and remember that a little embarrassing YouTubery can “humanize” even the most vile of God’s creatures.

FRANK: Could you take a politician who has a certain star power and market them through a record deal or a reality TV show?

A: Well, I heard Bill Clinton play the saxophone once. I’m not sure either they or I would want to do anything like that. I think they’ve got enough to keep them busy. Having said that, look, if you’ve got charisma, anything is possible. Now mind you, who did I see recently dancing and rapping.

FRANK: Was it Karl Rove?

A: Karl Rove. Brilliant.

FRANK: I believe he called himself ‘MC Rove.’

A: ‘MC Rove.’ And people loved that. I really liked him for doing that. He showed himself to be a human being. Good luck to him.

Terrible taste in dumb Internet memes, looks for the cuddly underbelly of Karl Rove… the man just proves himself more diabolical every day.

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