Finally, Someone With A Sorta Optimistic View Of The Music Industry

noah | January 17, 2008 3:45 am

And it’s… Simon Fox, the man in charge of HMV, who is quite cheerful about his music chain’s holiday season–fueled by the rush reissue of Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black and the 68th edition of the UK’s Now series. He’s optimistic about the year’s prospects for CD sales, and not just because the prospect of things actually getting worse for the part of the industry that sells CDs is almost mathematically impossible. Quote: “We felt there was a good line-up this Christmas, we think the line-up is actually going to get better.” Highlights for him? New releases from Madonna, Kasabian, Keane and Dido. Yes, Dido. Even adjusting for UKraziness, I have to say, this guy may be one of the biggest Pollyannas I’ve seen talking about the music industry’s future yet. [Guardian]