Thanks To The Celestial-Jukebox Age, You Can Hear Carly Hennessy Sing Days Before She Appears On “American Idol”

noah | January 18, 2008 2:30 am

The American Idol audition episode that “discovers” Irish singer Carly Hennessy, whose album Ultimate High was a famous flop back in the early part of this decade, will air on Tuesday. But you can hear her sing today! Amazon’s MP3 store is selling digital copies of the Gregg Alexander-produced Ultimate High, which came out on the Universal-owned MCA in 2001, for $9.99, while those people who are willing to wait for the U.S. Postal Service to get the album to them can pick up physical copies of it for as little as one cent (plus shipping).

I decided to buy a copy after hearing our commenters’ “hey, it’s not bad” reviews–and thanks to the Amazon MP3 store’s kludgey album downloader, I’ve already bought the thing three times! (Note to Doug Morris: See? There are reasons to not be scared of the digital age. Sure, they hinge on user error and lousy application design, but they’re out there!)

Ultimate High [Amazon MP3; HT] Earlier: Will A Poster Child For The Music Industry’s Screw-Ups Be The Next American Idol?