R. Kelly Is Kanye’s New Strobelite Honey

Jess Harvell | January 22, 2008 1:35 am
Today’s second reference to a musician (potentially) hitting the pipe comes with Blender‘s mention of “all those word-of-mouth drug rumors” surrounding R. Kelly in their write-up of this brand-new remix of the 31st Awesomest Song Of 2007.

News to me, but maybe chalked up to different gossip sites in our bookmarks. And perhaps already plenty dizzy from the intoxicated disco stomp of “Flashing Lights,” Kells takes a moment from a perfunctory verse to assure that his only transgressions are non-narcotic, unless you count a healthy weed habit. That aside’s the only standout part of a mixtape-worthy-but-little-more guest spot, but at least this Romulus-transfusion will extend the life of our favorite Graduation tune a little while longer.

Kanye West feat. R. Kelly – “Flashing Lights (Remix)” [YouTube via Blender]