Did “American Idol” Show Its Hand In Pasadena?

noah | January 23, 2008 1:30 am

Maybe! The above video shows some Idol footage shot at Pasadena City Hall yesterday that features 16 top-50 contestants–and since the Top 24 singers were selected yesterday, speculation is running rampant that this clip half-serves as a big honking giveaway as far as who’s going to be gracing Fox’s Tuesday and Wednesday night schedules from now until May.

According to the general manager of the Civic Center, the taping was for “an elimination thing,” i.e., the kids had to truck out to Pasadena in the rain in order to find out whether or not they’d be going on to the big stage. But in the words of one Idolforums poster, the people in the clip “are way to happy for people that may have been cut,” so readers on that board are watching it over and over, trying to pick out contenders they recognize. (Hope the San Gabriel Valley Tribune invested in some extra server space this week!) The eagle-eyed Idol watchers are claiming that they spotted Carly “Not-Hennessy” Smithson somewhere in the grainy, tiny video screen, as well as cage fighter/horse enthusiast Kristy Lee Cook and that kid from the Dallas episode who had the whole Presidential thing going on.

In spoiler news that’s unrelated to the above video: Apparently both the ex-Australian rock star and the Star Search kid from last night made it as well. Which means that the odds on this season’s top 24 being at least half-made-up of rejects from failed music-industry experiments and reality-TV crapfests are running at about 3:1 right now!

Idol speculation at Pasadena City Hall [San Gabriel Valley Tribune via idolforums.com]

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