Public’s Hunger For “American Idol” Sex Tapes Hits Rock Bottom, Gets Political

noah | January 24, 2008 8:13 am

Last night, news broke that American Idol semifinalist Kristy Lee Cook–she of the horse farm, kickboxing habit, and now-dead record deal with Arista Nashville–had some sort of “racy” video out there during which she stripped and showed off her boobie. Somewhere between the time my RSS feed grabbed the post breaking the “news” and the time I clicked on said link, an Internet sleuth actually watched the tape and found out that it was just a bunch of recycled music-video footage interspersed with an anonymous blonde stripping for the camera. So much for finding this season’s Antonella Barba early. But wait! It gets better!

Now, if you go to the site that was selling the tape, you get greeted with a big honking smiley face and the following rant:


You are here because you were thinking that you would find a video of an American Idol contestant more or less naked, sorry to disappoint you but this video does not and never did exist.

But what you are going to read is far more important than another scandal coming from the bowels of reality TV.

I would like to apologize to this contestant for giving her the opportunity to start a political career, even though I am sure we would not share the same political views given the confederate flag obviously displayed in her video clip.

I know you are disappointed and you are just about to leave, but please take just 1 minute of your time to read the following page. It’s worth the effort.

Don’t you think there are much more important things going on in the USA and in our world compared to what the next scandal coming from reality TV is or the latest picture of Britney Spears going commando?

Whether you care or not there are people in Washington DC who are making decisions everyday that will have a consequence on your life, the life of your children or your future children, and the children of their children. Unfortunately it is not going to end because you turn off your computer or your TV.

This year you are going to elect an American President. It is not an American Idol for sure, the political contestants certainly do not get the TV ratings for their debates that the Idol contestants get for their performances.

And then a bunch of political ranting about health care, the war, blah blah blah. Which, you know, lamenting the general ignorance of the country and their willingness to vote for a singer who will probably get dropped from their record label in five years’ time while they won’t get off their asses and vote for President is totally understandable… but as far as tactics go, I think “setting yourself up for a libel suit while getting sanctimonious about people being omigod so dumb” is not really the best way to get positive attention for your cause. Something tells me that is going to be the recipient of a lot of “interesting” e-mail from lawyers in the coming 24 hours!

Kristy Lee Cook — Sexy Pics Emerge from the Bowels of the Internets — Fake! []

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