Ted Nugent Makes The “What A Tool” Jokes A Little Too Easy

noah | January 24, 2008 10:15 am

“For technicians who love to pack up the truck Friday after work with rods, rifles and bows and head for the woods – there’s a new tool box designed just for you. Snap-on Tools has teamed up with legendary rocker and gonzo sportsman, Ted Nugent, to introduce a new line of limited edition roll cabinets and accessories. Snap-on’s Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild tool storage units are available in a traditional 54-inch roll cab (KRA2411PNC) and a complete workstation (KRA2411WCPNC). A top chest (KRA2408PNC) and bulk overhead unit (KRWL5435PNC) are also available.” I mean, really, is there anything else one can add to this aside from “can those workstations easily be converted into buffet trays?” I ask you. [SleazeRoxx.com]