The Moldy Peaches Get Their Mouths Washed Out Against Their Will

noah | January 24, 2008 12:15 pm
Flush from their View appearance promoting the almost-chart-topping Juno soundtrack, the Moldy Peaches have recently discovered that they’re also big in Chile, thanks to an ad for Pepsodent that used their song “Jorge Regula” without their consent. While the ad’s concept is actually kind of sweet (look for its “rolling around the world in a liplock” idea to be ripped off by at least three indie-rock videos in the next six months), it must be odd for Kimya Dawson and Adam Green to realize that they’ve been promoting squeaky-clean smiles without their knowledge, what with their music being sorta notorious for its foul-mouthedness in the pre-Ellen Page days. [YouTube via NME]