Kelly Clarkson Invited To Be Back On Clive Davis’ Good Side

noah | February 4, 2008 12:35 pm

Kelly Clarkson didn’t have the best 2007, and a large part of that was because of her very public tussle with record label honcho Clive Davis over the artistic direction she took on her most recent album, My December. Since that tumult–which culminated in her tour being canceled and only one single being released from the album–she’s been taken under Reba McEntire’s wing and played some intimate shows in theaters. And Davis has taken notice, waving an olive branch in the form of his glittery invite to his annual pre-Grammys dinner party in Clarkson’s direction. Since our invitation apparently got lost in the mail, Roger Friedman’s breathless description follows:

The swanky black and gold square-shaped invitation has four pages of past dinner performers. The book opens with Alicia Keys, and continues with such Davis stalwarts as Whitney Houston, Rod Stewart, Annie Lennox, Barry Manilow, Fantasia and Jennifer Hudson.

But it’s the fourth page that’s most interesting. Diana Ross in the upper left hand corner. Rob Thomas and Carlos Santana are next to her. Below that pair is Clarkson, by herself. And to Clarkson’s left is the duo of Usher and Kanye West.

Clarkson should be thrilled, and relieved. Her inclusion in the book is a telltale sign that Davis is ready to work with her again after that unfortunate mess. “She should be so lucky” is an expression that comes to mind.

Or, you know, perhaps Davis realized that this sort misstep was kind of normal for an artist who’s still trying to grow past the 19 Entertainment-supplied box she was given, and low on the totem pole compared to other proteges of his who went astray.

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