The roster on this flyer is kind of impossibly awesome: a ’90s U.K. post-rock who’s who assembled for a ’90s Christmas show that I know some Idolator readers (and editors) would have cut off a thumb (post-thumb?) to have seen, including Stereolab, Moonshake, Pram, Disco Inferno, Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, and pre-“Asha” Cornershop. Or perhaps some of you lucky Brits did get to attend! The rest of us can cry about it while enjoying classic MP3s from Moonshake (whose still-in-print Eva Luna LP remains an under-appreciated dub-rock treasure), Stereolab, Disco Inferno (whose out-of-print EPs remain slightly-less-under-appreciated sample-rock treasures), and Maura-fave Pram. [Warped Reality]