The Countdown To Paramore’s Remake Of The “Don’t Speak” Video Starts Now

noah | February 8, 2008 1:20 am

Because guitarist Josh Farro–last seen likening Hillary Clinton to the monsters lurking in his closet–is now getting pissy about the outsized amount of attention the press gives to his band’s orange-haired belter Hayley Williams: “We are a team, we are a band. It’s not just Hayley, it’s not her band. Just because she’s the lead singer doesn’t mean she’s the only one involved. We all put our hearts into this. … I think in the beginning the problem was that all the press focused completely and solely on her. All anyone knew was this little red-headed chick called Hayley. They didn’t know our faces or our names. But now us guys are getting involved in a lot more press. We prefer it this way.” Well, that certainly accelerates the timetable for the instrumentalists’ solo records, doesn’t it! And for those of you who don’t remember the exact plot of the video for No Doubt’s power ballad–hint: it involved the dudes in the band feeling miffed over its Gwen-centric press coverage!–it’s after the jump.

(That key change in the bridge still gets me every time, BTW.)

No Doubt – Don’t Speak [YouTube] Paramore – We’re Not A One-Woman Band! [Gigwise] [Photo: Getty]