Attention Gregorian Chanters: Your Music Just May Be Back In Style

noah | February 11, 2008 8:55 am

Universal Music Group is taking out ads in magazines geared toward men of the cloth in hopes that they’ll find a choir who will be up to the task of recording albums of Gregorian chants. The ads are running in papers like The Catholic Times, The Church Times, The Catholic Herald, The Tablet, and The Universe, and interested parties can send in audition tapes to UMG until the end of February or, presumably, the minute that the involved A & R reps are struck by some sort of divine intervention. Universal’s managing director for classics and jazz is saying that UMG is going on this search because the record company wants to “reach singers from outside the X Factor generation.” Aw, does this mean that the world won’t be subjected to Clash Of The Gregorian Choirs? I was really hoping that Enigma would come out of hiding to be a guest judge on it. [Press Association / Ad text via Nothing To Do With Arbroath]