Teyana Taylor Would Very Much Like You To Google Her

noah | February 11, 2008 1:30 am

Yes, it’s come to this: Teyana Taylor’s “Google Me” may be the first song that’s wholly built around the singer touting her sheer number of search-engine results as a reason to wine her and dine her. So what does come up when you search “Teyana Taylor”? Well, among the more than 200,000 results–and that’s with the quotation marks around her name!–there’s her MySpace page (good!) and a blog post calling her “Teyana Taylor from My Super Sweet 16” (bad!) and a lot of mentions of this song (recursive!), The song is a sorta islands-tinged boast that’s made even sillier by the fact that the omnipresent search engine may have one of the silliest Web site names around (take that, all you vowel-less Web 2.0 upstarts), meaning that it’ll probably be inescapable by, oh, Thursday. Also: the odds on there being a Ron Paul remix of this song within the next month are about 5-1 at present. [Chris Picks]