Music Magazine Publisher Will Continue Publishing Music Magazines Until Destitute

Jess Harvell | February 12, 2008 10:25 am

“The music business sucks.” Thus spake Steve Bernstein, publisher of Metal Edge and several other music rags, in a blog post for business mag Folio. “So does the magazine business.” Sucks to be you then, dude. Yes? No, despite the fact that he’s steering one sinking ship dependent on another sinking ship staying somewhat upright (or vice versa?), Rich Uncle Pennybags is remarkably upbeat about not only his financial future but the future of magazines in general. Why? Because “music is not going away and neither is the printed page” thanks to the fact that you can totally use a copy of Relix to sun your face while on vacation in a way that you can’t with an iBook.

Picture yourself on the beach trying cuddling up to a great article or novel on your PC. It doesn’t feel the same. It’s kind of like a Stepford wife. Sure the PC is a fantastic way to connect, socialize, learn and listen but it lacks one thing. Tangibility… Music has never been more accessible (legally or not). Myspace and other social networks have made it easier for garage bands to be heard. Hundreds of thousands of them. From all over the world. How do you choose what to listen to? How do you cut through the crap and find the gem? Ask the people who live for music. Those who are out every night and are never without pods in their ears.

Fortunately they write about it, too.

Yes, on blogs. Like the one that quote was published on. Except usually for free. Meaning that while it will be indeed be some time until they vanish from the landscape and become part of the fossil record, music magazine sales are not going to improve unless the comet comes and wipes out the blogosphere as I’ve hoped for so long. And the fact that the comet is never coming (u_u) makes Mr. Bernstein’s continuing blind-eye devotion to paper with stories about music printed on it some kind of bizarre charity. Which is kinda cool? And since the blog business is gonna suck soon enough, we just ask that you please continue your your inexplicable philanthropy, sir, so those of who were dumb enough to try to make a buck off Web 2.0 won’t starve to death when the bubble bursts. Thanks in advance!

The Music Business Sucks – So Does The Magazine Business [Folio]