Daryl Hall Joins Gym Class Heroes’ Crusade To Taint ’80s Pop Favorites

kater | February 12, 2008 2:00 am

Hey, did you know that Daryl Hall has a monthly webcast? (Did you know that he also has a goatee now?) This month’s guest at Daryl’s house is none other than habitual smirker Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes. The two collaborated on a version of “Every Time You Go Away” and a mash-up of “You Make My Dreams” and the Gym Class Heroes song “The Queen and I.” When will McCoy and his marauding gang give ’80s cheese pop the peace it deserves?

Said McCoy of his relationship with Daryl: “Part of me was horrified before working with Daryl to be honest. There are 2 people I hold high on my caste system of people I think are cooler than me, my father being the other. I grew up on Daryl’s voice. I am forever grateful for the chance to work with and befriend someone I’ve looked up to all these years.”

Only two, Travis? Only two people in this world cooler than you? No wonder you always look so self-satisfied. But what does Daryl think?

“Words fail to express the fun and creative fulfillment that I had recording and playing with Travis. I think the combination of his poetry and my musicality came together in a very historic way, and I don’t say that lightly.”

Adds Hall: “I haven’t felt this way since the Apollo Theater, back in the day, when I worked with the Temptations, except now the roles have been reversed.”

If only we had a jealous response from Oates to complete this cycle. Here’s a video of Hall & Oates with the Temptations at the Apollo “back in the day”:

We’ll have to wait until Friday at 8 p.m. to see if Travis and his many facial piercings can top that. And if, for some reason, you’re particularly interested in the Hall/McCoy collaboration you can watch a video of the pair awkwardly discussing Daryl’s cat on McCoy’s blog.

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