Idolator’s Guide To New Reality Shows Featuring The Hip-Hop Stars Of Yesteryear

noah | February 13, 2008 3:00 am

Reality TV: Despite the writer’s strike being over, it’s probably here to stay, since it’s so cheap to produce and former celebrities seem to be one of the few resources on Earth that’s actually not being depleted at a frightening rate. In the past two days I’ve come across mentions of three new programs featuring hip-hop artists; one is centered around making allegedly sexy food, one focuses on life at Beverly Hills High, and one shows the fatherly side of someone who was previously banned in the U.S.A. After the jump, a brief look at the new (and newish) small-screen offerings starring ex-Hollywood Square Coolio, the formerly Lil’ Romeo, and 2 Live Crew’s Luke Campbell.

Cooking With Coolio (MyDamnChannel) Concept: “The ghetto witchdoctor superstar chef is here to make you forget about every cooking show you’ve ever heard.” Highlights: Hostess whose rack doubles as a spice rack; Coolio’s insistence upon wearing sunglasses during the entire food-prep process, a practice that would likely get him kicked off Top Chef; guarantee that his caprese salad recipe will make ladies drop their panties. Chance for survival in post-writer’s-strike world: Even, thanks to its being an online show that looks like it was shot in Coolio’s personal kitchen.

Romeo’s World: Welcome To The Good Life (no network yet) Concept: “The series will follow Romeo from high school, to the prom, through graduation and into college as a student athlete.” Highlights: The exciting world of watching USC boosters get really pumped up over their basketball team’s impending arrival; 24/7 livecasting supplement. Chance for survival in post-writer’s-strike world: 10-1, unless the producers figure out a way to make Romeo sitting out his final high school basketball season interesting. (Hey, he probably needs a prom date, right?)

Parental Advisory With Luke Campbell (VH1, premieres July 2008) Concept:Parental Advisory showcases the diversity in my life,” Campbell told He then went on to compare the show to The Osbournes, although presumably his show will have a somewhat more coherent protagonist. Highlights: Let’s turn it over to Luke again: “One day I am with my kids, the next day I am in the office auditioning ‘Luke Girls’ and the next day I might be out on the road.” Chance for survival in post-writer’s-strike world: 1-2. The fact that it’s on VH1 leads me to believe that there are already four spinoffs–perhaps about various Luke Girls?–ready for placement on the network’s January 2009 schedule. (Also, how great is that title?)

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