The 2008 “American Idol” Top 24: The Spoilers Were Pretty Much Right On

noah | February 13, 2008 9:10 am

The American Idol episode centering around the announcement of its top 24 contestants just ended, and in a sorta disheartening anticlimax, the spoilers that leaked to TV Squad at the end of January were 100% correct. Which means that we won’t be seeing any more of politico-in-training Kyle Ensley or car-living emo kid Josiah Leming, at least until they get picked up by Fox News Channel or Ultragrrrl’s label. (I’m pretty sure that either one could be signed by either entity.) The full list of finalists–in the order they were announced during the show, and with some supplemental details for those of you who have been following Idolator’s commentary on the show this season–after the jump.

THE LADIES 1. Carly “Hennessy” Smithson (the ex-poster child for the industry) 2. Amanda Overmeyer (the rock and roll nurse with the superdamaged hair) 3. Kristy Lee Cook (the girl who sang “Amazing Grace” twice) 4. Brooke White (the sheltered nanny) 5. Alex Lushington (the one with the very big family) 6. Ramiele Malubay 7. Syesha Mercado (the one from The One) 8. Kady Malloy (the ex-Avril wannabe) 9. Amy Davis 10. Alaina Whitaker 11. Asia’h Epperson (the one whose dad died the day before her audition) 12. Joanne Borgella (the woman who won the Mo’Nique reality show)

THE GUYS 1. David Cook (the guy with the red stripe in his hair) 2. David Archuleta (the ex-Star Search winner) 3. Danny Noriega (the repeat auditioner) 4. Jason Castro (the dude with the dreads) 5. Luke Menard (the guy with the a capella past) 6. Michael Johns (the former Aussie rock star) 7. Robbie Carrico (the ex-boybander who turned into Axl Rose) 8. Garrett Haley 9. Chikezie Eze 10. Jason Yaeger (the kid with the streaked spike hair) 11. David Hernandez 12. Colton Berry (the kinda-anonymous blonde kid who wasn’t as good as the politician-in-training Kyle Ensley in Simon’s eyes)