Josiah Leming: In Memoriam

noah | February 14, 2008 12:30 pm
Even people who hadn’t read the spoilers knew that weepy car-living hopeful Josiah Leming wasn’t going to crack the American Idol top 24 as soon as the package leading up to the judges’ decision on him quoted him as expressing confidence about his chances. (Silly Josiah! Hubris is never rewarded on the show; just ask Antonella Barba.) Something tells me, though, that the fan of Britpop, DC Talk, and Mika is going to join the pantheon of People Who Didn’t Really Need Idol To Be OK; his MySpace page is racking up the comments (50 in the last hour alone!) and he’s the only person who appeared on last night’s Idol to crack the current Google Trends chart. After the jump, a YouTube embed of his track “Bad News Baby,” which YouTube commenters are comparing to Bright Eyes, Death Cab For Cutie, and, um, the Fray.

Will Saddle Creek sign him, as one YouTube commenter hopes? Stay tuned!

Josiah Leming: OUT!: [YouTube]Josiah Leming [MySpace]