The “American Idol” Round Of 24 Has Started Singing — But Where’s Carly Smithson?

noah | February 19, 2008 8:15 am

The first episode in the competitive portion of American Idol just started on the East Coast, and tonight the top 12 guys are giving their spin to the songs of the 1960s. The above shot is of the young ladies remaining in the competition–in a nice bit of reverse chivalry, they get to kick back and relax a bit while the men go first–but note that there are only 11 of them, thanks to one notable absence: Carly “Hennessy” Smithson, the former MCA signee who’s caused quite the firestorm before even stepping on Idol‘s big stage. The obvious question: Where is she? Was she on a bathroom break? Did her visa expire again? Is she going to come back from the commercial with a huge record contract? Or is there going to be some sort of big, embarrassing announcement at show’s end? I’m going to unpause my DVR and find out right now!