“Lily Allen And Friends” Still Not Forming Many Bonds With Viewers

noah | February 20, 2008 2:00 am
In case you were wondering just how much of a disaster Lily Allen’s ratings nightmare of a TV chat show is, someone’s gone and put the most recent episode on YouTube. Part one is above; Lily is in totally wooden mode when she’s forced to read the teleprompter, which only serves to make her flirting with Martin Freeman even more awkward. Plus: there’s footage animals doing it with Perez Hilton-style scrawl over them, Chris Crocker takes the “Internet celebrity” role that Tay Zonday had in episode one, and there’s found YouTubage of some woman who can “make her butt clap.” Poor Martin, looking absolutely mortified while trying to explain to Lily the Web 1.0 definition of “friend.” I want to give him a cookie. [YouTube via The Daily Swarm]