Carly Smithson Explains Herself (Sort Of)

noah | February 21, 2008 10:45 am

During last night’s episode of American Idol, Carly Smithson (née Hennessy) came sorta-clean about her major-label past, talking about how her label “imploded” after her album came out–although said label, MCA, didn’t so much “implode” as “get absorbed by Geffen a few months after that Wall Street Journal piece about the piles and piles of money they spent on her came out.” And Carly’s mention of her current job highlighted another interesting detail about that story that has nothing to do with major-label excess: It reports, in its closing, Carly getting her first tattoo (“an intricate cross on the small of her back that she hopes will impress her fans”)–and now she owns a whole parlor! Crazy, right?