Title Of Motley Crue’s New Album May Be Indicative Of Band’s Current Level Of Creativity

noah | February 22, 2008 8:45 am

In between bouts of arguing over whether or not to sign with Live Nation, Motley Crue has apparently been recording songs for a new album, its first studio venture since 2000’s New Tattoo and the first full-length to have the original Vince/Nikki/Mick/Tommy lineup on board since Generation Swine. (Which came out 11 years ago!) In what may be an effort to remind the world that they are still bad-ass mofos despite Tommy Lee’s reality-tv misadventures and Mick Mars’ fraility, the album will be called The Dirt, which those of you who enjoy salacious rock-star biographies may remember as the title of the sex-and-drug-filled Crue biography that came out in 2001. Nikki Sixx has said that two of the song titles are “A Scar On Hollywood Boulevard” and “The Saints Of Los Angeles”; reports that the album also features a between-song interlude called “Do You Know Where That Breakfast Burrito Has Been?” are unconfirmed at present. [Blabbermouth]