Paramore Lead Singer Asserts That Band Is Not Breaking Up, Uses Unfortunate “Juno” Quote

noah | February 22, 2008 1:30 am

Hayley Williams, the Technicolor-haired lead singer of the band Paramore, has returned to the band’s blog, saying that their American tour is still a go, that the break they are taking is not a sign that they are breaking up, and that her fairly vague, rumor-sparking post from earlier this week was nothing more than an attempt to tell the “simple truth” about the hard times her band is going through. Of course, she had to ruin any goodwill engendered from her “everything’s gonna be OK” statement by quoting Diablo Cody’s “my Eggo is preggo” line from the wretcheder-than-the-rest-of-it first 20 minutes of Juno, but she is kinda young, so I’ll let that slide. [Paramore blog / Earlier / Photo: AP]