Huge Record Collection Sells For $3 Million And Change

noah | February 22, 2008 2:00 am

The library-sized record collection that went on sale via eBay earlier this week has found a buyer, although the collection, which includes more than three million pieces, didn’t quite fetch the $50 million that owner Paul Mawhinney had been hoping to get. In fact, the final price didn’t inch much further past the $3 million reserve that Mawhinney had set with eBay, although the collection’s final price of $3,002,150 is one of the highest selling prices in eBay’s history. Details on the person who’s claiming to have $3 million on hand are sketchy: He lives in Ireland and goes by the name of jopsoup, and he has 97.1% positive feedback. And it would seem that he’s used eBay to buy music-related items before, although none of his purchases have been this big (not to mention expensive to ship across the Atlantic).

From his eBay feedback profile, we learn that items he’s purchased in the past include:

A 1-gig memory card for a Fuji camera. • A Wu-Tang hoodie, the seller of which commented “Thank you for a smooth and pleasant transaction. Excellent buyer! A+” • A piece of positive feedback from a seller named piercingpros, who commented “Fast payment and very friendly… Great Ebayer!” • And three positive feedbacks from the_beatgraphter, all of which have the same comment: “Nice one Enjoy da Ardcore :) Pleasure doing business recommended A+”

jopsoup’s sole piece of negative feedback comes from a user named bikerama!!, who wrote:

Item possbily damaged in post but neg’d me with no contact. Your loss no refund

Here’s hoping that Mawhinney and jopsoup work out all of those nasty “postal insurance” details before the collection starts winging its way across the pond.

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