Huge Record Collection’s Alleged Buyer May Be Getting Some Very Negative eBay Feedback Soon

noah | February 22, 2008 3:59 am

The eBay user jopsoup–who won the gigantic record collection that was up for auction there with a $3,002,500 bid–has a curious addition to his favorably rated profile: He’s now noted as not being registered with the site. What does that mean? From eBay: “‘Not a registered user’ can refer to members who have cancelled their membership, or whose membership has been suspended by eBay. For example, a member whose correct contact information is no longer on file with us may have their registration suspended until the new contact information is entered. In either case, the member appears as ‘not a registered user’ and is not allowed to buy or sell on eBay.” Could the high bid have flagged eBay’s profile-watchers, or did jopsoup cut and run once he realized that he’d have to cut a big check? The agent for seller Paul Mawhinney is currently “trying to track down” jopsoup, who lives in Ireland, but one wonders if this bid was just an eBay joke that went wrong in a very high-profile way. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; HT Robbie Analog]