Fake Record-Collection Buyer Speaks, Claims That Someone Spoofed His Login

noah | February 25, 2008 11:30 am

The eBay user who placed the $3 million-and-change bid on Pittsburgh-area record collector Paul Mawhinney’s three-million-record library is now claiming that he was a victim of identity fraud, and that he had no idea that his account on the auction site had been used to make the winning bid. The user–still only identified by his eBay login, jopsoup–is saying that he checked his e-mail at an Internet cafe to find out that someone had used his account for the fateful bid. (Perhaps the fact that he’s checking his e-mail at Internet cafes could serve as a sign that he may not be all that careful with his passwords? Just saying.) The whole incident has caused Mawhinney to give up on eBay, presumably because he’s now going to screen prospective buyers a little more carefully than checking their member feedback pages. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]