Martina Topley-Bird Will Catch Whatever You Throw Her Way

noah | February 26, 2008 9:30 am
Martina Topley-Bird’s 2003 album Quixotic–later retitled for the American audience as Anything, since presumably people on this side of the pond are too dumb to comprehend three-syllable words with high Scrabble potential–was a superb album full of twists and incredible songs like “Need One,” and it still retains a place on my iPod to this day. So it would probably be redundant for me to say that her forthcoming album The Blue God, a collaboration with Danger Mouse, is finally coming out, is “long-awaited,” although the early press about this album being heavily influenced by Los Angeles does, no lie, make this East Coaster a bit nervous. “Carnies,” the first single from the album, is a drowsy, piano-accompanied sway, and the filigrees poking out from underneath YouTube’s staticy mono lead me to believe that it’ll probably sound even better on headphones, and make me hope that The Blue God will fit into my iPod as snugly as Topley-Bird’s last effort has. [YouTube / MySpace]