Andrew WK: Man Of Many Words (About Records, Fellatio, And Long Island Guitar Heroines)

Jess Harvell | February 27, 2008 1:00 am

Guys, not to get all hard-partying fanboy on you, but (OMG!!!1!) did you know that this month The Wire asked world’s-greatest-human Andrew WK to sit down for their “Invisible Jukebox,” the long-running feature where interviewer plays interviewee a bunch of records? And did you know that the magazine’s Web site now features the unedited, nine-page transcript of said “Jukebox” interview with noise bro Mr. Marc Masters? (I did not. Until now.)

A thoughtful Mr. Wilkes-Krier offers his take on acts ranging from the Butthole Surfers to Lee “Scratch” Perry to Wolf Eyes, peppering his on-the-spot rock criticism with many personal revelations, including how jealously over his inability to self-pleasure in the name of art spurred his development as a popular musician: “[It] was some 7-inch with a photograph on the cover where he had positioned himself so that he could give himself oral sex. And it was real! It made a certain taste come in the back of my throat, no pun intended actually (laughter). But it was disturbing and very inspiring simultaneously.” [The Wire]