EMI Chief Not Very Fond Of His A & R Department’s Efficiency Rate

noah | February 28, 2008 10:20 am

New EMI chief Guy Hands hasn’t exactly made many friends in his time at the label, and his talent for alienating his employees continued to shine at yesterday’s Super Return private equity conference in Munich. When asked about the performance of the company’s A & R department, he blasted them, saying that the marketing part of their jobs could be much better handled by “the suits” because their marketing strategies were so bad, taping 50-pound notes to the outside of every CD the company was trying to sell would have not only caused said CDs to fly off the shelves more quickly, it would have been less costly than employing the 260-person-strong talent-scouting department. Hands is promising chart-topping singles from the label by this summer, although one wonders if he’s more comfortable making that particular bet because he knows that Coldplay’s new album is set to drop in May. [FT]