Ministry Visits The Land Of Rape And Hockey

Jess Harvell | February 29, 2008 3:45 am

Bringing together a genre no one listens to anymore with a sport no one watches anymore, Al Jourgensen, frontman for unkillable industrial-rockers Ministry, has written the new “fight song” for NHL team the Chicago Blackhawks. (The Blackhawks’ management clearly never recovered from that Lollapalooza when Jourgensen had that bitchin’ mic stand with all the bones and skulls on it.) Entitled “Keys To The City,” it more or less sounds like “Rock And Roll Part 2” shoved angrily through the Wax Trax wringer. Should Jourgensen ever choose to do the right thing and cease putting out new Ministry records, looks like he’d still be able to turn a decent buck writing entrance tunes for the UFC, interstitial music for episodes of Raw, and pep rally routines for Cook County high schools. [Chicago Blackhawks Music via MTV/HT: Reed Fischer]