Looking Back On A Week Of Educated Guesses And Too Many Dead Folks

Jess Harvell | February 29, 2008 5:45 am

Maxim apologized to the Black Crowes, earned a shrug from Nas, confused the hell out of the folks at CNN, and got one writer talking to the newspapers. • Can we please get a break from having to write all these obituaries? It’s really starting to bum us out. • Stephin Merritt: possibly loves gum, definitely loves Ethan Frome. • Courtney Love issued a jihad against beer and its drinkers. • American Idol made it out of the ’70s with our sanity mostly intact. • Andrew WK had much to teach us. • Perez Hilton got an A&R gig. Actual A&R reps decided to finally go back to college. • Did Van Halen need to take a timeout for bad behavior? • Enchanted got the shaft at the Oscars. • Virgin Fest and the Sasquatch! Festival will attempt to hold multi-day “destination events” without Jack Johnson’s help.