Wilco On “SNL”: The Role Of Jeff Tweedy Will Be Played By Vincent D’Onofrio

noah | March 3, 2008 8:41 am

While a lot of the scuttlebutt from this weekend’s Saturday Night Live will probably be about Hillary Clinton’s bright-eyed cameo and Andy Samberg’s spot-on Diablo Cody impersonation (complete with Nate Dogg reference!), I thought the most notable part of the episode was the fact that, for the first time in forever, the band actually sounded good. Wilco’s two songs were, for the most part, free of the mixing problems and cruddy amplification that have plagued so many other bands playing the Grand Central Station-decorated stage. (But surely I’m not the only one who a) thought Jeff Tweedy looked a lot like the also-cameoing Vincent D’Onofrio and b) got annoyed when the Law & Order “chunk-chunk” was used during D’Onofrio’s too-brief appearance, since the spinoff he appears on doesn’t use that sound anymore. What, did Jeremy Sisto cancel at the last minute? Hmph.) “Hate It Here” is above; “Walken” is after the jump.

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