NME To Bring Its Incessant Arctic Monkeys Lauding To The US

noah | March 4, 2008 11:20 am

Hot on the heels of its Alex Turner-loving, George Bush-hating awards show last week, the NME has decided that it’s going to bring a version of the NME Awards to the United States, and that said awards will be “in recognition of great American alternative talent past, present and future.” The voting process–which is going on right now, and which will allow the magazine to harvest even more e-mail addresses in its attempt to become a force in the American “alternative/independent” music scene, even though the precise definition of that slashed term is still a bit dodgy thanks in part to the past few years’ watercolor-like runniness between “indie” and music that is actually, y’know, independent–will culminate in a private ceremony held in Los Angeles next month. (What, you thought that voting would get you in? Silly kids! That’s not how pseudo-event-styled democracy works!) The full list of categories that you can nominate artists for, after you offer up your name, address, year of birth, and blood type to the mag’s publishers, is after the jump.

Alternative/Independent Band Of The Year Best Alternative/independent Solo Artist Best Alternative/Independent Track. Best New Alternative/Independent Solo Artist Best International Alt/Indie Band Best International Alt/Indie Solo Artist Best International Alt/Indie Live Act Best International Alt/Indie Album Best International Alt/Indie Track Best New International Alt/Indie New Band Best New International Alt/Indie Solo Artist Best New International Alt/Indie Live Act

You can also probably guess that since overly wordy Brit Kate Nash is on the “NME Awards Tour” that’s currently winding around America, she’ll be up for at least two of those “international” awards. Or all of them! She has a band backing her, right?

NME Awards USA 2008 [NME.com] [Photo: AP]