Britney and Heidi: The Story Gets Stranger

Dan Gibson | March 5, 2008 11:30 am

Well, either someone’s not telling the truth about Monday’s Britney Spears/Heidi Montag musical trainwreck/duet or someone is editing our troubled celebrities together in duet tracks that were never meant to be! I prefer the second possibility, but I can’t really get my hopes up for a Larry Birkhead/Lil Wayne track in the near future, can I? Either way, the denials started rolling in today, and thank goodness, we have Ryan Seacrest around to sort things out. He believes the song originated from Montag’s “camp”, which seems probable as Britney’s entourage is bound by the Mental Health Professional’s Code of Conduct, which prohibits media leaks, even if the single is totally bangin’. [AZcentral]