Barack Obama To Q-Tip: Can I Kick It?

Christopher R. Weingarten | March 10, 2008 1:15 am

According to the New York Post, future popular-vote winner/Supreme Court-mandated loser Barack Obama is going to appear on the next Q-Tip album. Yeah, that’s right, Roots. The best you could get was Patrick Stump? Q-Tip hasn’t released a record in nine years and he gets the maybe-next-president!

Q-Tip is all:

“I’ve got Norah Jones on there, but Barack is the big one. You’ll see what happens, I can’t reveal too much.”

Barack is apparantly going to speak through a song, perhaps in the way the Archbishop Don Magic Juan speaks through Snoop Dogg songs. And if Barack is hoping to sway Republican-leaning swing voters, he should know that Wikipedia points out:

The inventor of the cotton swab is supposed to have been one Leo Gerstenzang, in the 1920s. His product, which he named “Baby Gays“, went on to become the most widely-sold brand name, “Q-tip”.

He’s so liberal, he’s supporting baby gays now? Someone call Nancy Grace!

HE’S NOW O-TIP Page Six via XXL]