Van Halen Takes A Month Off So Eddie Can Continue Being “Tested”

Jess Harvell | March 11, 2008 9:45 am

Initially postponing four gigs last week, the reunited, DLR-powered Van Halen has now decided to put their Google-bait tour on hold until at least the April 19 show in Vegas; turns out the mysteriously illin’ Eddie still needs a little more time under the watchful eye of a physician/team of physicians/witch doctor/barber with leeches. “According to organizers, Van Halen, who has battled cancer and substance abuse, ‘is currently under doctors’ care’ and will ‘continue medical tests to define a course of treatment,” sez Billboard. “No further details were made available.” Screwed attendees and Wolfgang fans should hang onto their tix until rescheduled dates are announced; 17 shows are currently on hold thanks to Eddie coming down with the vapors/boogie woogie flu/consumption, from tonight’s Charlottesville gig through the band’s Baltimore stop on April 15. [Billboard/Photo: AP]