Dolly Parton To Pay Tribute To Nashville’s Sparkliest Legend

kater | March 12, 2008 3:00 am

porter-wagoner.article.jpgWord on the street in Nashville is that Dolly Parton is planning a tribute to the
late Porter Wagoner, a country legend and Parton’s long-time singing partner. Wagoner gave Parton her big break in 1967 by adding her to the stable of musicians on his weekly country music TV show, a program as famous for its bedazzled blazers as it was for its music, a fact not lost on Parton in her plans to ape the snazzy designs of an infamous tailor named…Nudie.

I hear the great Dolly Parton plans to do a musical tribute to her former singing partner, the late Porter Wagoner. Dolly will have her entire band dress in Wagonmaster costumes like Porter’s band always wore — matching colorful suits with wagon wheels and cacti on the jackets that are all trimmed with rhinestones and shiny zircons. After Nudie the Rodeo Tailor died, Manuel created all of Porter’s stage wear, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he serves as tailor for the entire group.

Only in country music do you get characters with names like Nudie the Rodeo Tailor. Incidentally, Nudie’s Wikipedia article is an interesting read.

Apparently it was the professional split from Wagoner that inspired Parton to write “I Will Always Love You,” making him quite possibly the most important man in the world (in my book, at least). Here are a few videos which prominently display the musical talent and/or rhinestones of Mr. Porter Wagoner:

“One Way Ticket to the Blues” and “A Satisfied Mind”

It’s videos like this that make me wish my grandfather could get the hang of YouTube.

“Tennessee Stud”

You just don’t see that shade of fuchsia ever since Nudie died.

“Together Always” (Duet with Dolly)

This song is one minute and fifty-five seconds long. Maybe they were too busy coordinating outfits to write a third verse?

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