Metalheads Take Anti-Emo Hatred To Illogical Extreme South Of The Border

Jess Harvell | March 13, 2008 4:15 am
And you thought you had beef with Those Dudes. This right here is Mexican TV news footage of a riot in Querétaro last Friday, where a supposedly hundreds-strong crowd had an ol’ fashioned turf war, this time between metal fans and emo fans. Blabbermouth reports that, “an Internet campaign is reportedly being waged to launch attacks against ’emos’ in other parts of the country, with various web postings portraying emos as ‘homosexuals’ who give a ‘bad image’ to tourists who visit their towns.” I’m pretty sure emo fans get called homophobic slurs on message boards worldwide 24-7, 365, but can we at least, like, keep the assholism non-violent? [Blabbermouth]