Kid Rock Has No Beef With Waffle House, Its Patrons, Waitresses, Or Delicious Patty Melts

Jess Harvell | March 14, 2008 10:45 am

Well, as usual all the scintillating SXSW coverage has obscured one of the week’s more important stories: Kid Rock has made his peace with the folks of Waffle House, almost six months after he was arrested at one of the breakfast chain’s Georgia locations for getting into a “physical altercation” with another customer. And at this news, the people they did come from far and wide, and not just for the Grilled Bacon Texas Cheesesteak Plate.

Contacted by the chain with an eye on mending corporate/mook-rock fences, the initial plan was to have Kid slinging hash to hungry Georgians himself this week, but a scheduling conflict (and/or laziness) forced him to simply scribble autographs with proceeds going to charity. And autograph hounds, fans, and the mildly horny curious descended on the House, the mom-daughter teams and the families with children setting up camp at 3:00 a.m. (and somehow not having Children’s Services called on them), some from as far away as West Virginia. Kid brushed off the initial incident “silly,” but noted that if he got in another dust up at a popular chain eatery and was then guilted into signing autographs for locals as a PR move, he would try to make it a Hooters. For the fans.

Kid Rock Causes Scene At Waffle House [AP]