Trick Daddy, The Rap World Misses You

Dan Gibson | March 14, 2008 1:15 am

Writing about Rick Ross, and repeatedly seeing the “Slip N Slide” label tag next to his album titles made me a little sad because I sure do miss Trick Daddy. His last album Back By Thug Demand was released in late 2006, and while he’s made a few appearances on other people’s records since, he’s probably is most remembered recently for a strip club brawl last September (c’mon, we’ve all been there) and Cribs reruns. Apparently, he has a new album ready to drop sometime this year, but it’s just not soon enough, so we present a selection of his some of his finest works below the cut. Trick, come back soon…I’ll make some mayonnaise sandwiches for the occasion.


Shut Up:

I’m A Thug:

In Da Wind:

Trick Daddy [Official Site]