This Is Nowhere Stakes Its Claim, Uh, Somewhere

mariasci | March 18, 2008 12:30 pm

Fresh off the ol’ MySpace bulletin board comes the announcement of This Is Nowhere, a new music blog edited by John Doran that will feature writing from a veritable Who’s Who of academic and mainstream outlets, not to mention some recognizable bloggers and Internet folks (hello, Ned Raggett). Congratulations to all, but with that said, I’m a bit confused about the site’s “mission statement,” which derides publications who post about a gajillion records yet wants to be “an essential read guide to the best in new albums, reissues and related books, comics, graphic novels, TV series, DVDs and the like” and “have cutting edge audio visual content on the most noteworthy music and pop culture from the last 30 years.” I don’t want to start any blog warz, but well, it seems mighty contradictory to slag sites that are content-heavy. Just sayin’. [This Is Nowhere]