Fall Out Boy Wondering If “Hello, Antarctica!” Has A Nice Ring To It

mariasci | March 18, 2008 1:50 am

Some bands can brag about what venues they’ve toured through, but Fall Out Boy is one of the few who will be able to front about playing Antarctica after they play a “scientific colony” down there on March 25. Greenpeace is backing the trip in an effort raise awareness about global warming’s effects, and Fall Out Boy is bringing along someone from the Guinness Book organization in an effort to raise awareness about the fact that they can draw fans on all seven continents.

If you have an additional $2,500 floating around, you can fly with the band from Puntas Arenas, Chile, to Antarctica on their “Whisper Jet.” Total duration of this excursion? One day. Yep, 24 freaking hours. I guess the news of Social@Ross’ failure hasn’t traveled down to that continent just yet.

During Live Earth, Nunatak warmed our hearts the same way humans managed to melt the glaciers, but I wouldn’t be on the Internet if I didn’t tell you that the concept of playing Antarctica is old news. The IceStock festival has been held on New Year’s Day since 1990:

“The stage every year is built temporarily and it’s just two flatbeds from the back of tractor trailers next to each other, and that’s the stage,” Krauss said.

“On top of that they put part of an old military Jamesway — what used to be used in the MASH units, like in World War II and stuff,” Krauss said. “That provides a little bit of coverage from the side from the wind. There are big parachutes behind the stage to help block out the wind a little bit and also just to look cool.”

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