Ida Maria Gets Exclamatory

noah | March 19, 2008 1:05 am
In the hour or so that has followed since I was first sent this video, which is by the Swedish-by-way-of-Norway singer Ida Maria, I have listened to the tense, frenetic song in the clip three times and ripped through all the songs offered up on her MySpace page twice. (The last part of that equation would have probably taken more time had Universal, her current Norwegian label, not been scrooges about letting entire songs from the records they’ve put out stream from her embedded player. Booo!) “Oh My God,” which is a solo track in the clip but appears in duet form on her MySpace-posted demo, soars because it’s simultaneously nervy and nervous, and the jittery video is almost as fist-clenching as the jumpy guitars. More like this, please! [YouTube / MySpace]