Kylie Minogue Apparently Needs MIMS To Show America Why She’s Hot

noah | March 21, 2008 12:00 pm

I’ve been pretty vocal about my enthusiasm over Kylie Minogue’s latest album X, on which she plays vamp and storms Star Wars conventions. It’s finally getting a Stateside release; X‘s April 1 release date is a good five months after it came out overseas, presumably because Minogue’s label, Capitol Records, needed to find the perfect guest star to help launch the album on this side of the pond.

And that guest star is… MIMS. You remember him, yes? The “This Is Why I’m Hot” guy, who hasn’t had a hit since, well, “This Is Why I’m Hot”? Yes, he’ll be featured on the first single from the reworked-for-American-ears X, “All I See.” Because apparently a dance-pop record (gasp!) by a woman who’s almost 40 (noooo!) needs an already-flashed-in-the-pan hip-hop artist to… well, to do what exactly is still unclear, given that by the time X comes out “This Is Why I’m Hot”‘s No. 1 run will have been more than a year past.

I’m guessing that the strategy meeting that resulted in this pairing used the reissue of Natasha Bedingfield’s NB*, which led with a collaboration between Bedingfield and Sean Kingston that peaked at No. 11 on the Hot 100 but didn’t do much for the album’s sales overall, as an example of why Kylie should try and go for the youth market. But really–MIMS? Is that the best you can do for Kylie, Capitol execs? I realize that he’s on your label as well, but jeez, if you’re going to engage in clunky attempts to reach out at the kids, you could look like you’re expending some effort and get Soulja Boy. The camp factor of that pairing would have at least served as a nod to Minogue’s already-existing fanbase.

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* I refuse to use the incessantly dumb American title, Pocketful Of Sunshine. Why not just call it You Know Her, She Did That Song From The Hills?