Record Labels Realize That Putting Long-Delayed Albums In Stores May Boost Sagging Sales

noah | March 25, 2008 3:00 am

Usually we’ve used our “upcoming releases” tag to highlight albums that have been in eternal limbo, but today is a brighter day. Because today, we’ve found out about a few long-awaited albums that finally have release dates. Alas, none of them have that week-long Raconteurs lead time–the dates mostly fall in the later part of the spring–but hey, any glimmer of hope in the record industry these days is something to cheer, right? After the jump, news on now-really-upcoming-for-sure (we think) releases by Lil Mama, Lil Wayne, and Al Green.

Lil Mama, VYP–Voice Of The Young People Release date: April 27. Reasons for delays: Less-than-stellar performance of second single “G-Slide/Tour Bus”; unsuccessful search for a title that is at least a little bit better than VYP. Odds that this album will get bumped back in the near future: 9-1. If Jive is smart, they’ll accelerate their timetable so America’s Best Dance Crew, which features the lip-gloss-loving star as a judge, is still fresh in peoples’ minds when they stumble across VYP on the way to the Wii aisle at Best Buy.

Lil Wayne, Tha Carter III Release date: May 13. Reasons for delays: “I’m taking my time with it,” Wayne told Billboard. “And I’m giving artists I respect and people I want to do songs with–not songs the label fixed–an opportunity to collaborate.” And hey, the Kanye track did come through, so… Odds that this album will get bumped back in the near future: 3-1. Weezy works on his own timetable.

Al Green, Lay It Down Release date: May 27. Reasons for delays: Probably something to do with Green and ?uestlove perfecting the blend of “fresh milk from the cow’s titty” that Green has said Lay It Down will contain. Odds that this album will get bumped back in the near future: For the love of God, and people who need new baby-making music, I’m going to make them long. Please, Blue Note, don’t prove me wrong.

[Photos: AP]