Kanye Accused Of Stealing “Good Life” From The Legendary D’Mystro

anthonyjmiccio | March 27, 2008 2:15 am

Kanye West has been accused of jacking his hit “The Good Life” from Dayna Stagg’s “Volume Of Good Life.” Stagg, shocked and horrified by the song’s “vulgar and offensive” imagery, has filed suit and wants 85% of the profits. According to the suit, “the Infringing master work lasting nearly three and one half minutes, features t-pain and Kanye West singing about women and fast cars and admittingly confessing to switching the style up and watching the money pile up vocally indistinguishable from D. Staggs III ‘Volume Of Good Life’ [sic, all of this, sic]” Who is Dayna Stagg, you ask? Maybe you know him better as D’Mystro. You know, D’Mystro!

From D’Mystro’s Crib, his mind-sucking vortex of a website. Again, [sic]. [sic], [sic] [sic].

DMystro began recording in the early 1980’s as studio musican at MTV studio’s in frankfurt west germany.

D’Mystro is member of the 1985 Go Go /R&B/ Hip Hop”Icee Hott” Band signed under EMI/MANHATAN Records, and released a hit Maxi Single entitled “Hollar at me. ” Also filmed a music video with Kurtis blow and billboard magazine and Major label executives.

DMystro musician skills took him in the studio with the group “Snap” to remix of the powerful and Platinuum song “the power” released on ARISTA. After returning to stateside in 1991, D’Mystro partnered up with Darryl Dash, (MCA-Universal songwriter) both founded DPE Records entity, nationally independent publishing label. This started to Kicked off a decade of songwriting and producing hits for some of the industries promising up and coming R&B Artists; Tanya Blunt Vocalist-Actress starred in (Sister act)and Tommie Johnson (Background vocalist for Patti Labelle, Rodney Mansfield, and Crystal Waters, Eric Gable, Keith Martin, Cliff Jones, Eric Roberson, Prophet Jones, William Becton, Kirk Franklin, Brian Moore , SOS Band and Mighty Clouds of Joy, Boyz to Menn,Female and the Black Birds.

The bio also claims he worked on Kanye’s Graduation in 2007, which makes you wonder why he didn’t notice West was adding vulgar and offensive imagery to his 20-year-old jam. Anyone want to transfer their 12″ of Icee Hott’s “Hollar At Me” to mp3? Please?

Songwriter to Kanye — You Jacked My “Good Life”! [TMZ]