Is Axl Rose Getting Ready To Throw A “Free Soda” Party?

noah | March 28, 2008 1:00 am

Dr Pepper’s offer to bestow a free can o’pop upon every American (save Slash and Buckethead) should Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy actually come out in 2008 brought GNR frontman Axl Rose out of hiding, prompting him to say that he’d even share his can of carbonated sugar water with Buckethead should the giveaway come to pass. Now comes the news that Axl, and whoever’s in his band these days, have found new management in Irving Azoff and Andy Gould.

Azoff is reportedly also working on the “surprise” New Kids On The Block reunion at present, and according to Blabbermouth he currently represents Scott Weiland–but not the rest of Weiland’s band, Velvet Revolver, a.k.a. ex-Gunners Slash, Duff, and Matt Sorum. Feel free to let your conspiracy theories fly here, whether they involve the long-awaited release of Chinese Democracy as a Wal-Mart-only release (like Azoff’s other clients, the Eagles) or a DLR/Sammy-style “Best Of Both Worlds” tour featuring Axl, Weiland, and lots of last-minute cancellations.

New management team for G N’ R [] [Photo: AP]